Jacaúna Decorações - ABOUT

The Jacauna Group was founded in 1975, producing customized furniture in the city of Fortaleza - Brazil. The group has achieved continuous development, especially after the construction of its plant in the city of Marco - Brazil, producing quality furniture and developing the latest technology in equipment and industrial processes.

We produce furniture in solid wood, aluminum, stainless steel, natural and synthetic fibers, upholstery and glass, providing a huge selection of sophisticated products with the highest technology and innovation. We are self-sufficient in manufacturing, distributing and marketing our products. We currently have 38 stores in Brazil, with approximately 450 professionals in the commercial area and 900 in the industrial area.

The Jacauna Group has grown over the years and we dedicate this growth to all those who believe in teamwork and strength of determination. We are always looking and aiming for excellence in service to our customers by offering the highest quality in products. Our mission is to fulfill with excellence our customers' expectations by offering products with comfort, quality and style, so that they reflect the aspiration of their dreams.

We aim to be a reference in the production and sale of furniture and decorations, providing our customers affordable products with high standard of quality and innovative design.
Jacauna, uma das maiores fábricas de móveis do Brasil!